#thirstlisting: White Boy Things I'm Guiltily Hot For

I really want thirst-listing to become a thing. I also want an excuse to write 40 more lists about women.
  1. "Hungry Heart"—Bruce Springsteen
    Get at me ain't-shit-leave-your-wife-and-kids Bruce. Bring your bandana.
  2. Paul Ryan demanding family time if he's going to run for the House Speaker
    Don't even tell me how a woman would be treated if she asked for the same thing. Definitely don't tell me about Paul Ryan's labor policies. I know.
  3. Johnny Depp licking the prison window in Cry-Baby
    There's a lot of licking in this movie tbh and I'm here for all of it.
  4. Bernie Sanders
    Don't push it though.
  5. The sound Elvis makes in "Don't Be Cruel" after the first verse ends
  6. Thin White Duke era David Bowie
    Sexiest vest of all time.
  7. Angel on Buffy
    This is a Spike-free zone.
  8. The American West
    I was once in a room where a hot boy said he was from Wyoming. You don't just come back from things like that.