Requested by B.J. Novak

Thoughts on Alicia Vikander

  1. Lea Michele's goy cousin?
    I'm sorry but once you've seen it, it can't be unseen.
  2. Considering I saw her first in Joe Wright's aggressively British adaptation of Tolstoy, I'm endlessly amazed every time I remember that she is actually Swedish.
  3. She was a perfect Kitty in Anna Karenina.
    Perfect I tell you. PERFECT. I would have been very down for Anna Karenina: The Kitty & Levin Story, but alas, this wildly unfaithful adaptation was not unfaithful enough.
  4. She learned Danish to play the lead in A Royal Affair, which is WILD to me.
  5. I wish A Royal Affair was less royal, more affair.
  6. Ex Machina looks good, but it also looks depressingly sober for a movie that's about a sexy robot.
    At best it's a tease, at worst a lame movie just spiced itself up by making the robot a hot girl. I wish I had more patience for very serious sci-fi.
  7. (I just saw Valley Of The Dolls for the first time, so I'm feeling very strongly pro sexy robots.)
  8. Alicia Vikander is exactly the kind of actress who can be cast in a thousand films without becoming a big celebrity, and she's also exactly the kind of actress Hollywood flips for more than the European film industry.
    She's very elegant, classically beautiful, classically trained, not too much personality, not too modern. I'm glad I like her, because she'll be making movies forever.