Heretofore to be known as The Neapolitan Effect™
  1. The Powerpuff Girls
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  2. Hannah And Her Sisters
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    Why is this the best Woody Allen movie? You know why.
  3. This era of Destiny's Child
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  4. Charlie's Angels
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  5. Witches Of Eastwick
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  6. 9 To 5
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  7. The Ziegfeld Girls
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    It's in black and white, but trust me. They make it known.
  8. Bachelorette
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  9. Mad Men
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  10. Jim's girlfriends on The Office
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  11. The waitresses of Frankie And Johnny
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  12. The waitresses of True Blood
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    Ignore Hoyt. Sorry Hoyt!
  13. The waitresses of Waitress
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    RIP Adrienne Shelley 😢
  14. The Hours
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  15. Early seasons of Buffy
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  16. Definitely, Maybe
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    The dark side of The Neapolitan Effect. None of the ladies ever meet each other, and only the fella gets to appreciate the majesty of all the hairs colors in the hair rainbow.
  17. Pitch Perfect
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  18. The ladies of Lucas
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  19. The gents of Harry Potter
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    JK knows what she's doing.
  20. Hocus Pocus
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  21. Totally Spies
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  22. Josie and the pussycats?
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    Suggested by @lillianr
  23. TLC
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    Suggested by @maria
  24. All the Meg Ryans in Joe vs. the Volcano
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    Suggested by @kayleigh
  25. Elsa, Anna and their dead mom in Frozen.
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    Suggested by @kayleigh
  26. Cecilia Roth, Penelope Cruz, and Antonia San Juan in "All About My Mother"
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    Suggested by @tony
  27. "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" Terrence, Hugo, Guy (among other wigs)
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    Suggested by @tony
  28. DWV
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    Suggested by @gaseous_clay
  29. These three British dudes I was walking behind this morning!
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    Suggested by @hannahstark