In honor of a friend telling me yesterday that Meryl played her violin teacher in Music Of The Heart
  1. A Cry In The Dark
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    This movie is basically true crime TV, but the reenactments are by Meryl Streep. 🙌
  2. When she pretends to be into everyone's Meryl Streep jokes at awards ceremonies
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    Such a good sport. Benedict Cumberbatch, you are the worst.
  3. Silkwood
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    As with A Cry In The Dark, righteous Fight-The-System Meryl is the best Meryl.
  4. Postcards From The Edge
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    Hollywood Sucks Meryl is a close #2.
  5. Presenting Robert Altman's lifetime achievement award with Lily Tomlin
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  6. The Devil Wears Prada
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    "That's all."
  7. The rabbi in Angels In America
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  8. Her reliably exuberant clapping whenever she loses the Oscar
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    The year in the picture is Cher's win. She actually leapt from her seat.
  9. Death Becomes Her
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  10. Her voice performance in The Fantastic Mr. Fox
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    Perfect mom voice.
  11. And none for Sophie's Choice, bye!