1. Stressing about what the best list would be for my re-entry.
    I've been away for two weeks, and this meta list is all I got folks.
  2. Spiritually cleansing by watching a great many queer films with my dear friend @gaseous_clay
    Should I list about this?
  3. Japanese taiko drumming
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    The girl in this picture is almost certainly 1000% better at taiko than I am, but you get what's up.
  4. Attending a variety of friends' thesis openings.
    Honestly so life-enhancing to get to see the the work of people you care about on display for others to appreciate and understand.
  5. Looking for a job I won't hate that would also produce enough money for me to live in New York.
    This is not life-enhancing. This is very stressful.