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  1. Delicate
  2. Dreamt
  3. Humble
  4. Cocaine, when pronounced in Spanish
    But did you ever think about how fucked up it is that heroin sounds like heroine? THEY COULD HAVE PICKED ANY WORD.
  5. Haunches
  6. Honky
    Black Panther party on point.
  7. Isabelle Adjani
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    Hi bae.
  8. Well
    But only when it's used to mean the deep dark place where you keep things like water and feelings.
  9. Loneliness
  10. Ugly
  11. Most Yiddish #crossover hits, but especially schmaltz, schmuck, schtick, tchotchke, and verklempt
  12. Splash!
    Weirdly, I was thinking about this exact subject a few days ago!
    Suggested by @evan
  13. Curmudgeon
    Suggested by @evan