I'm just really clumsy...good thing I've got a sense of humor
  1. Fell at the movies
    Went with Sis. Get up and walk to the end of the aisle. Miss a step down. Trip and fall and just stay there while sis has everyone looking at her because she's laughing so hard
  2. Fell getting off the bus (when we got to school...couldn't have been when they dropped me off at my house)
  3. Fell at the mall
    Right in the middle of the food court
  4. Fell outside of a restaurant
    Going to eat with mom and fell for like 10 seconds and still couldn't catch myself
  5. Fell walking to the car
    Kenny was already in the car and I just disappeared from the front of the car.
  6. Fell down the stairs
    A couple times
  7. Fell walking to the cafeteria in either middle school or high school
    Somebody left a sandwich in a ziplock on the sidewalk. My foot found it and slipped out from under me.
  8. Fell between the rocks in one of these things in Galveston.
    Like just slipped pretty much all the way down there. Kenny literally had to pick me up by my arms because I couldn't get out
  9. Kneeling in a computer chair while holding a drink. It leaned back, my hand flew up and my drink went all over my brother in law
  10. Tried to do a rope swing into the river. Failed. Kenny and I both ended up in the ER. (One jacked up heel, one super bad sprained ankle)