1. Musicians
    - a litter of 4 kittens, John (later referred to as J. Wicket Hodges) Ringo, Paul & George - black cat named Sidious Vicious after Sid Vicious. - tabby cat named Nico, after Nico from the Velvet Underground
  2. Star Wars Characters
    - the aforementioned tabby cat named Wicket also after Wicket to Ewok in Return of the Jedi - the aforementioned Sidious Vicious also after Darth Sidious
  3. Literary reference
    - white cat named Percy, after Percy Shelley - black cat named Byron, after Lord Byron. - black cat named Edgar, after Edgar Allen Poe. - tabby cat named Lenore, after Poe's character.
  4. TV Characters
    - cats named Leela & Fry (brother & sister) after Futurama. - a terrier & min pin named Kip & Henry after Bosom Buddies (they were rescued together & inseparable)
  5. Food/Beverages
    - a black & tan tortie cat named Guinness
  6. Comics
    - German Shepard/ Chow chow mix named Harley Quinn. - grey & peach tortie cat named Spooky after a Slave Labor Graphics character, "Spooky, the thing what squeaks". - A black cat named Mystique.
  7. Actors
    - Boston terrier, Boris, after Karloff
  8. Mythical Creatures
    - boxer puppy named Phoenix