1. Gator spotting
  2. The Villages it's a cult like experience
  3. Bealls department store. Where ladies of a certain age find shell covered clothing
  4. Catfish Johnny's Bar and grill where fried fish meets gator nuggets served with Budweiser
  5. Swim with the manatees or just view them from above
  6. Count the health clinics on any given stretch of road
  7. Giggle as your parents gossip about the other people living in the complex
  8. Eat dinner at 5:15.
  9. Beg dad to turn on the air conditioning. Truer than a Seinfeld episode
  10. Play euchre. Again and again
  11. Sleep. Sleep is good
  12. Next morning do the above all over again but maybe with a boat ride
  13. Oh and I should mention there is s Bealls outlet where ladies of a certain age can find discounted clothing covered in shells