If Someone Sent ME My Ideal Care Package, This Is What Would Be Inside 💚📦

Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. A funny yet heartfelt note/letter
  2. Books that are on my wishlist
    To be honest, I'm pretty excited to get any books
  3. Cute and functional office supplies that I can use but that I would probably not buy for myself
    Since I'm in my office a lot and I go through a lot of supplies, fun ones are always welcome.
  4. Nice stationary and a good fountain pen
  5. Beauty products that I haven't tried but that are perfect for me
    This explains my love of Birchbox and other beauty subscriptions
  6. Gift cards
    For books, music, apps, coffee...
  7. Fancy ingredients that I would never buy for myself
    I like cook, & it is fun to get things to experiment with
  8. Good notebooks (of the paper variety)
    I tend to use Moleskines, but I'm open to finding
  9. Some of my favorite Boston foods
    Especially some baked goods from Flour, Cafe Japonaise, and Maria's. I'd also love some frites from Saus.
  10. A new laptop
    I can dream 😀