My First Day of School 🏚

Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. It was my first class for my doctoral program.
  2. I had moved to Boston the month before and didn't know many people.
  3. In my defense, I read the right text but not the preferred translation.
  4. And the three professors who taught the class were very smart and intimidating (other doc students who had them before called them the three kings).
  5. Everyone in my class seemed a lot more knowledgeable and experienced than I was.
  6. Also, I realized that I had read the wrong version of the text we were supposed to read in preparation for the first class (one of the professors stated right at my pile of books when he gave us the information for the correct version).
  7. I spent most of that semester feeling like an imposter and waiting for the university to tell me that it had made a mistake and that I really hasn't been accepted.
  8. This was due, in no small part, to the fact that this was one of those classes where the professors imply that only a fraction of the people seated in that room would actually finish the program and get a doctorate.
  9. They were right - not all of us completed the program.
  10. But I did, and I like to think that making it through this class have me the gumption I needed to make it through the rest of my coursework and the dissertation process.