So little time, so many cat pictures
  1. My friend's dog in his Christmas regalia
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  2. The expression on Pumpkin (the orange cat) is very much like one I often have
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  3. The courtyard of the Boston Public Library - always beautiful
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  4. My siblings' cat is very confused by this stuffed interloper
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  5. A wall of books at ALAN 2015
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  6. A gorgeous pic at the JFK Presidential Library
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  7. During my doctoral studies, I had a carrel on the rarely used top floor of the university library. One day when I came to work on my dissertation, I found this plastic egg with candy & this sweet little message waiting for me. I have no idea if it was actually meant for me, but it still made me happy.
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  8. It's a proton pack! From "Ghostbusters"! How can this NOT make me happy?!
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