Teen Book Series You Would Have Found on my Childhood Bookshelf

I read all of these series during late elementary/early middle school. If this list proves anything, it's that I had very questionable taste in books as a child...
  1. The Nancy Drew Files
    This was the book series for anyone who thought, "I like Nancy Drew, but I wish she spent less time solving mysteries and more time worrying about her love life." The covers usually included Nancy clad in 80's/90's fashion and a guy smoldering in the background.
  2. Sweet Dreams
    The Nancy Drew Files - mysteries + 2(romance) + (horrible 80's/90's fashion)^2 = the Sweet Dreams series. My main memory about reading these books is that they resulted in my parents having a very serious conversation about my reading material.
  3. Choose Your Own Adventure
    I always cheated and peeked at the adventure that resulted from my choices.
  4. Sweet Valley High
    These were undoubtedly the grande dame of teen series nooks back in the day. If the Sweet Dreams series concerned my parents, the Sweet Valley High books almost pushed them over the edge. At the time, I loved them, but as an adult, I will freely admit that they were terrible.
  5. Point Horror Books
    This was not really a series in that the characters in the various books weren't the same (or related). The series was more like a set of novels that each focused on horror stories involving photogenic teens. R. L. Stein is probably the most famous author of these books. However, my favorite was probably "The Prom Dress," an unimaginatively titled cautionary tale about a cursed prom dress that ruins the life of whoever wears it.
  6. Hart and Soul
    This was a terribly underappreciated series, as evidenced by the fact that the search engine in this app couldn't muster up a correct cover for these books. High school student Amanda Hart teamed up with bike messenger Mickey Soul to solve mysteries, bicker, and flirt. Yes, the premise is ridiculous but so are the premises of all of the other books on this list.
  7. Pen Pals
    I honestly don't remember these books that much. I was first introduced to them by someone who borrowed a book from me and then lost it. She gave me a copy of a Pen Pals book to replace the one she lost. My main memory is that the girls, who were suite mates at a boarding school, each represented a different type (one was spoiled and shallow, one was artistic, etc.).