There's always going to be those things we remember most from our childhood. So here are a few of mine. I tried adding pictures on all of them but for some reason I couldn't find some of my pictures.
  1. Leapfrog
    I could sit and play on this for hours
  2. Backstreet boys tapes
    I'd make my mom blare these babies 24/7
  3. Bratz dolls
    Playing barbies was one of my favorites
  4. Care Bears
    I loved Care Bears so much they made me smile every time I saw them
  5. Barney
    Barney was my hero like honestly I believe this was my favorite show
  6. Early morning cartoons
    I'd wake up and immediately sit in front of the tv for the day's best cartoons
  7. Donkey kong country 2
    This game was always special to me because my mom would play with me for hours
  8. SNES
    The very first game system I owned. My dad gave it to me when I was 3
  9. Zelda: a link to the past SNES
    The first game I ever played
  10. Karaoke machine
    I'd put in performances to backstreet boys and nsync for my family all of the time
  11. Bring it on
    I wanted to be just like the girls in this movie
  12. Ricky Martin folder
    I'd stare at this thing for hours pretending he was my boyfriend