Pros and cons weighed
  1. Pros...
  2. Tattoos are more accepted now
  3. Wanted one since college
  4. Have a good idea for one and want it where I can hide it from work or public just in case I'm a little gunshy showing it off
  5. Did my research and found a recommended and reputable tattoo artist near me
  6. Eff it, why not?
  7. Cons...
  8. First tattoo and your past thirty? Mid life crisis much? (what was actually said to me)
  9. Since its the first one kinda scared of the unknown
  10. All my other tattoo ideas from college were horrible in retrospect
  11. Bad tattoo idea
    Green lantern comic symbol. My dad and mines favorite superhero. An esoteric comic image so it felt special and unique to the superman/batman topical comic tattoos seen. I've always loved comics green lantern (was) is a story where anyone, if they were brave enough could be chosen... Then that horrid movie came out and current dc comics are a mess of bad retcons and violent stories nor to mention making green lantern evil, then not evil, and lnow he's based on emotion and willpower.
  12. Bad tattoo idea
    Rampant lion for my fraternity that some of my other fraternity brothers got... Who I don't talk to now nor visit nor consider it valuable time spent in hindsight
  13. Bad tattoo idea
    Penn state nittany lion for my alma mater.. Missed a Joe Pa shaped bullet with that one.