1. Earth
  2. Um...
  3. Dammit...
  4. What comes after that?
  5. I was so confident in this.
  6. Mars? That's correct, right?
  7. No, wait, I forgot about Jupiter.
  8. So it goes Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury...
  9. Is the moon a planet?
  10. I'm going to say yes.
  11. Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Moon...
  12. Oh, shit, here comes Pluto.
  13. How do I handle Pluto?
  14. I know it's a dwarf planet, but I feel like it still counts.
  15. Then Saturn, followed by the Sun?
  16. No, the Sun isn't a planet, idiot.
  17. And I completely forgot about Neptune. Just like the rest of the universe.
  18. Zing!
  19. Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Neptune...
  20. Uranus, followed by Venus...
  21. I have to put Planet X on there...
  22. But does it go last or after Pluto?
  23. Fuck it, it's going last.
  24. Earth
  25. Jupiter
  26. Mars
  27. Mercury
  28. Neptune
  29. Pluto
  30. Uranus
  31. Benus
  32. Planet X
  33. I've done it.
  34. I forgot the moon.