The world is full of things. And many of these things get on my nerves.
  1. Overly-confident people
    Listen, having confidence is a good thing, but having too much makes you come off as a bit of an ass. Specifically, it's irritating when someone says something like "I'm really smart" or "I'm really funny" unprompted and they mean it sincerely. If you have to say it for the sake of saying it, odds are you aren't what you claimed to be. Sorry, champ.
  2. Vague posts on social media
    I'll never understand what compels people to "subtweet" about unspecified personal issues. I believe that you're "seriously done right now", but it doesn't matter to me or anyone else reading. The worst are those meant for one specific person. When you type "I should've known that you would do this to me", you know that you're talking about your girlfriend who cheated on you with that homeless man who breakdances for quarters, but we have no idea.
  3. Political extremists
    Let's get right down to it: Both Democrats and Republicans have good ideas. Conversely, both Democrats and Republicans have shitty ideas. Why can't we all just sarcastically thank Obama together?
  4. Whatever map application comes with iPhones
    Holy hell, does it suck. I'm almost positive that it hasn't been updated since the Industrial Revolution. Recently, I tried to find a haircut place and ended up in front of an alley in the middle of Chinatown. NASA launched a small robot all the way to Mars. I want to be able to find the nearest Burger King so I can drown my sorrows in cheap fruit punch.
  5. Howard Stern
    Seriously, fuck that guy.