My First List, My Fun Weekend (so far)

Graduated last weekend so I'm enjoying my time between being a full-time student and starting my full-time career. Here's my weekend so far
  1. On Thursday (yes my weekend started on Thursday...Working part-time rocks, am I right?) my boyfriend (cj) and i enjoyed some ribs and fried chicken at Union Pig and Chicken in East Liberty. The fried chicken rocked but I wasn't a fan of the ribs as much. (dry rub on ribs isnt my thing, sorry 😣)
  2. On Friday cj and I scooted on over to the North Shore to attend a concert. We saw Half Moon Run and they were so good! It was an intimate concert but those are the best.
  3. Today we went to the Korean Bazaar in Shadyside. It was delicious (as usual) and packed with people! We shared cold buckwheat noodles, beef Bulgogi, and some sushi (pictured below)
  4. Here's a picture of cj being extra happy about his beef Bulgogi. I can't blame the guy ☺
  5. Tonight will consist of pizza, wings, and some penguins hockey with the fam!!