In order.
  1. Tracing Shapes on my Feelings
  2. Dripping and Drifting
  3. "This Times is on the House"
  4. Sipping Bubbly, Feeling Lovely
  5. Dork Enabler
  6. Matching Freckles
  7. Those Eyes
    Wrap me up in Blue
  8. Cherokee Children
  9. Feeding me, Caffeinating Him
  10. I could be faded with somebody new, but I'd rather be sober at home just us two.
  11. Tag. You're it.
  12. I could do you proper.
  13. I hate you more, 'cause I'm glad to see ya.
  14. I feel like I'm gonna learn you a lesson
    (FEEL. Kendrick Lamar)