As they come to mind.
  1. Why are some people "morning people" and others aren't?
  2. The moment I started loving the pickled ginger which comes on the side of sushi (approx. 3 weeks ago), I realized I had truly grown up.
  3. Why do I feel annoying encouraging people to stay positive? Why do people seem annoyed when I do this?
  4. The woman working at Domino's last night at around 23:00 was probably in her late 60's.
    I wondered about her story.
  5. I find ways.
  6. I'm always trying to recycle used cups and bottles and things at work. Fishing them out of the trash at times, holding them in the air, and pronouncing to my coworkers: "the earth is our friend!"
    Why don't they care?
  7. Marijuana has truly opened me up to the world of rap.
    Something I never thought I'd really be able to get into. Oh, how wrong I was.
  8. You know those dance-y kids who clap and jump around and run in circles when music plays, and it's really cute because they're kind of dancing but also kind of just spazzing out?
    That's me and my room mate, most nights.
  9. What if I forgot all of my plans and became a stay-at-home mom?
    I'd be so disappointed in myself.
  10. I want to find the real-life dog version of my childhood stuffed dog, Douglas Cuddles.