Every finished movie is a miracle.
  1. Johnston later said the film would feel like a departure from previous films, implying it would not be set on an island.
    A departure in the most literal sense.
  2. In July 2001, actor Sam Neill, who portrayed Dr. Alan Grant in previous films, said he could not imagine a way for his character to be involved in another film.
    I mean, how?
  3. On November 4, 2002, Sam Neill said there was a chance he would be in the film.
    Guess they found a way.
  4. In July 2093, Keira Knightley said she was in consideration for two separate roles, including a small one as a granddaughter.
    A granddaughter!
  5. In October 2003, paleontologist Jack Horner said he would return as technical advisor for the fourth film as he had done for previous Jurassic Park films. Horner was asked about a hypothetical idea of humans evolving from dinosaurs rather than mammals. Horner responded "keep thinking about that, and in a couple of years go see Jurassic Park 4.
    That is the premise of the Super Mario Bros movie.
  6. In late August 2004, David Boreanaz was rumored and later reported to have the lead role. Boreanaz was actually in consideration for Fantastic Four.
    Easy mistake to make.
  7. In March 2007, Sam Neill said he knew nothing about the project.
    Just checking in again with our friend, Sam Neill.
  8. In December 2008, Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy were asked if there was any development on the sequel. Kennedy responded, "No...I don't know."
  9. In May 2013, Sam Neill said it was unlikely he would be part of the film.
    What a wild ride.