From least to most recent.
  1. When my Twitter tab was on the wrong side of my Gmail tab.
  2. When I read a Vanity Fair article about the movie adaptation of World War Z.
  3. When I saw a picture of Brad Pitt wearing a basketball necktie.
  4. When I found out there was at least one person on Twitter named Tessa with more followers than me.
  5. When a guy held a restaurant bathroom door open for me a little *too* ceremoniously.
  6. When an episode of Broad City had a scene nearly identical to one from an early draft of a screenplay @aubreybell and I wrote.
  7. The first time I heard Audrina Patridge's name out loud while watching The Bling Ring and realized her last name wasn't Partridge.
  8. When I found out Roy Scheider was in The Punisher.