1. she sighs like a large baby every night before she goes to sleep
  2. she likes cottage cheese
  3. she once punched a nurse who tried to give her a shot
  4. she has an enemy named Yael who is petite and has a middle part
  5. her one true dream, to be on Disney channel, is now a reality
  6. she likes to sleep in the nude
  7. when playing goalie in a soccer game she once started tickling the opposing forward as a defensive strategy
  8. she drinks plain hot water for fun
  9. she doesn't like to be "grabbed" (refer to Clare for full definition and possible example)
  10. she likes picking at other people's scalps
  11. her body rolls are so fluid/impressive sometimes I forget she's a human and not an eel
  12. she has a serious phobia of lizards
  13. he loves yard sales
  14. she is the queen of tetris
  15. she is a recovering addict of a nail polish addiction #keepclaresober2015