Inspired by @jose_rones
  1. I work at a Performing Arts Center in Dallas, TX.
    It's pretty dope.
  2. Singer and performer.
    You can blame The Spice Girls.
  3. Lover of dark lipstick and shoes.
    You are never too fat for either.
  4. Feminist
    Because equality.
  5. Reader of memoirs and non-fiction.
    For some reason I am more attracted to real people than stories. I think my imagination was stunted somewhere along the way.
  6. I'm that white girl from the suburbs who loves Hip Hop and R&B.
    Who doesn't love to jam?
  7. Avid documentary consumer.
    Weirder the better.
  8. General media consumer on a massive level.
    Movies, stand up, music, television, art, fashion, style, design, blogs. If you have recommendations get at me.