New Year's Resolutions / 2017 Goals

2016 was absolutely horrendous, so let's aim big in the hopes we will be a little more organised and a lot more happy!
  1. Keep a minimum of £10 from each wage every month
    You no longer have any savings left after drive lessons, so it's time to start saving so you have some money for emergencies and/or big things
  2. Make at least one new friend
    You can do it! And let's try not to make it one of those 2 week long friendships!
  3. Change up your diet for the better
    You aren't happy with your body, but you aren't doing anything about it. It's not about losing weight, but making better changes for your body. You can do it Ashleigh!
  4. Read 6 books
    You're missing a whole world of adventure and surprise and love, get into reading again! One book every two months isn't that hard to ask.
  5. Make a physical graphic design portfolio
    We have now decided this is definitely a career path you would like to take, why not be prepared by putting everything together in a portfolio folder as you improve! It doesn't have to be fancy, you just have to feel like you are happy with your work!
  6. Document 2017
    Find a creative way to keep track of the year, whether that's with journaling, private video blogs, songs, anything! Just keep track of the year, nothing is nicer than having memories for later on.
  7. Get yourself help
    We both know you aren't okay. You need to help yourself to become a better person! The doctors aren't that scary, what's the worst that can happen? Help yourself.
  8. Be the best person you can be
    We all make mistakes, but you are quite unapologetic and moody. Please be kinder to others, consider others, and love whom you have while you have them.
  9. Don't worry if it's another dud of a year
    Listen, we have hiiiiiigh hopes for 2017 because of how awful 2016 has been. If 2017 isn't much better, don't fret. Just try to live in the now rather than the future, you will appreciate life much more