1. window open and rain
  2. Sideways head thing dogs do
  3. saying hi nd smiling to random fellow pedestrians
  4. Generic Pokemon in Pokemon go
  5. Random flowers in random places
  6. Naturally nice skin some days
  7. Sleeping at an appropriate time
  8. Waking up at an appropriate time
  9. Feeling just ok
  10. Cracking my toes
  11. Having two functioning nostrils
  12. Letting my phone run out of battery and being 100% OK with it
  13. Eating nice food when feeling super hungry
  14. Head pats nd massages
  15. Sometimes tickles
    Not always. SOMETIMES ANNOYING!!!!!!
  16. DYLANS love for SHIBA inus
  17. Kicking leg in air for no reason
  18. spinning around feeling dizzy then falling over but in a fun way
    Idk it feels very carefree
  19. Managing to spend the day at home but outside of my room
  20. Being Motivated to walk doggos!!!!!!
  21. Friends smiling nd being genuinely happy