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I gchat at work. A lot. Below are some recent chats I have received... obviously taken out of context for entertainment purposes
  1. From my sister
  2. From my roommate
  3. From my co-worker #typical
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There's always a silver lining...
  1. 1.
    Pack all your clothes in your car
    ... Because you love complicating moves across states
  2. 2.
    Drive to Dallas on your birthday to celebrate St. Patrick's Day
    Parade. Lower Greenville. Block Party
  3. 3.
    Get into a wreck and be forced to leave your car at a collision center with all your clothes
    ..... The damage I caused 😔
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Working list during the ongoing transition into adult hood
  1. Forgetting to pack underwear for a business trip
    Luckily, K-Marts are close and running shorts with built-ins are closer
  2. Eating a ball of cheese and a brown banana for lunch
    .... Because you went to the grocery store hungry and decided olives and balls of cheese are better than meat and cheese
  3. Panicking over a situation you created by accidentally texting yourself
    Voice to text should not be activated while listening to "jams" on pandora
  1. Because they are like onions
    They have layers. You never know which one you'll get
  2. Because they have a killer sense of fashion
    And are up to try any new trend
  3. Because they never lose
    They only Nguyen
  4. Because they request lists and make you more active on the social media
  1. So all my friends can join in my happiness
  2. So Apple won't take over the world
  3. Because my iPhone is technically only supposed to be used for work
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