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Inspired by @morganlynnperry
  1. Forgot how to speak English
  2. Stole a key to the Liquor cabinet at your favorite Club
  3. Ended up shirtless on the front page of a local Swiss newspaper
    My French professor posted the front page on his office door with my face highlighted.
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The big game is days away but you can join in on the fun at SBLive at downtown Houston's Discovery Green park. This year's theme: Houston, City of the Future. Here's what you can expect (Trust me I'm a Volunteer).
  1. Volunteers are ready to help you!
    Volunteers came from all around the world. We had to apply, go to interviews, & attend training before getting vetted to volunteer. I had a cool Captain and we found time to take a group selfie.
  2. Volunteer Team Spirit!
    We're proud of our city and want all attendees to have fun. We're committed to making this undertaking a success. During training we learned about our personalities and how to work as a team. (Thanks to Equilibria.com)
  3. Yep, we're a lot.
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It looks Christmas-y, but it's not.
  1. It's a urinal cake.
  2. It's from the FiveGuys directly across from the Houston Space Center .
  3. 🌠💫the more you know.
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  1. Then again, I haven't worked there in over 3 years
  2. I just watch COSMOS instead
    To get my knowledge on
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Sorry @Bourdain , Californians out there, but In-N-Out doesn't cut it for my Texan belly.
  1. It got started in 1950 in the quaint city of Corpus Christi on the Texas Gulf Coast.
  2. The burger is meant to be eaten with two hands, not one.
    See how one hand is barely enough? And I have big, man hands. The good thing about Whataburger is that it's built solidly, so nothing oozes or falls out.
  3. This was my order
    But I ate it before I could take a picture. So here's a profesional photo from their website.
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  1. Name
    Pedro Paul Alvarez, although I sign my mother's maiden name.
  2. Goes by
    Paul. Texx. Paulie. Paultje.Brown Bear. Taco. ( in order of intimacy)
  3. DOB/Height/Weight
    September, 1985/ 6ft/17 stones
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HEB is Texas' Go-To supermarket. It has every thing you can wish for: sushi bar, olive bar, 2 cooking class stages, and Texas themed food. Central Market is H-E-Bs premium, Gourmet store à la Whole Foods and you can find those branded products alongside their normal products at reg. HEBs.
  1. The Legend. The Store.
  2. Central Market
    Whole Foods's only real contender
  3. Groceries ✔️Mums✔️
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Les Guignols is a satirical show that uses puppets to illustrate its point. Recently they aired this preview of the newest sketch.
  1. Starring
    The Trumps
  2. First it was Brexit
    Then Trump happened. Now the first family will visit France before its upcoming elections.
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I want to share with you one of my favorite Band's title tracks, MATADOR by Mickey 3D. I've been singing the first stanza to myself since the 11/8-11/9 results.
  1. You can easily google the lyrics for MATADOR and listen to the track on google or YouTube.
  2. 🎧
    Je n'ai pas peur des Américains, Ni des cons, ni des politiciens, Mais j'ai peur de t'attraper la main Et que tu m'esquives encore
  3. 🎸
    Je ne sais pas si cet amour est fort Ou s'il ressemble à la chasse au trésor Si t'en veux pas, saches que je le déplore Et que je m'excuse encore
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