It's Wiesn season. Like Rodeo, Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest is on my list of festivals everyone should enjoy at some point. This is a list of what I miss most.
  1. The Mucke (Music)
    Everyone sings along to traditional Oktoberfest tunes like 'Ein Prosit..', classic Schlager, and a few trashy music hits. Each tent will play different types of music and the music changes throughout the day. I'm a big Schlager fan.
  2. Beer
    From Paulaner to Hacker-Pschorr, each brewery has its own tent & special brew at the Wiesn. There are 13 giant tents! While I never made reservations beforehand, you can get great seats by queueing up before 6am. Maß ( your 1L Stein) after Maß, things just keep getting better.
  3. Food
    Pretzels. Traditional Bavarian fare like sausages, Sauerbraten, roast chicken, Leberwurst sandwiches and my favorite indulgence Kaiserschmarren!
  4. Trachten (Costumes)
    Everyone goes all out in the traditional attire & even tourists are encouraged to dress the part too (& it's not cultural appropriation). The women wear Dirndls and men wear buckskin lederhosen. While you may think the appeal is purely on how well Dirndls push things up, outfits tell their own stories I.e. Relationship status, class, heritage, etc. I just like how comfortable my pair of Lederhosen are & how wear-n-tear is encouraged.
  5. Carnival Fare
    It's not really the reason why I would go to the Wiesn, but it wouldn't be Oktoberfest without all the carnival lights & rides either. My favorite: testing my hangover on the swing or pendulum rides after drinking a few, then binging on roasted, candied nuts and gingerbread hearts.
  6. The flirtation
    I hesitated adding this one. There's a lot of flirtation going and it's mostly all in good fun. I never engaged in anything upsetting. That said, alcohol has a way of loosening folks up and it gives men and women the courage they need to express themselves: a joke, a smile, a peck, a kiss.
  7. The challenges
    Something always happens. It always rains at some point, someone you know loses their passport, your friend gets thrown out of a tent, or you try to sneak a friend into a tent. The festival is full of trials that make it that much more fun, because when you're buzzed- nothing is a challenge.
  8. The history
    Just like rodeos and Mardi-Gras take you back to another place and time, or in time, Oktoberfest has a similar effect on you. By partaking in the parades, the dances, and the festivities you are also sharing your appreciation for history and traditions.
  9. Freundschaft
    Oktoberfest is best shared with a friend or a group of friends. If you don't know anyone, you will leave knowing someone. You truly meet people from all over the world that come to partake in the largest "anniversary" festival. Since beer is a major factor, there will be many alcohol-involved stories to tell after.
  10. Camaraderie
    This relates to friendship. Munich is a great host city. Everyone just wants to have a good time and folks will go out of their way to help you, share a drink, and show you around town. Of course there are assholes who break glass bottles on the streets, offend, and yell, but there are far more people looking to share the beer joy. Each day's hangover is like a battle scar and everyone wants to share their legendary story over a kebab.