I had a very nice conversation with a beautiful girl I met randomly late at night.
  1. I was headed home after wrestling practice. I was sweaty and ready to just go home across town and shower.
    It was a family gym and the other wrestlers were all related. They allowed one of the wrestling girls to watch them as they showered and changed after practice. Not my thing.
  2. I didn't bring my cell phone to practice and the tram and bus routes changed at night.
  3. Then A beautiful French girl walks toward me, asks for a match and we begin talking. We figure out the night route and walk together to the new bus stop.
  4. She and I talk, laugh, steal glances at each other.
  5. At 26, I've never hit it off with a stranger like that- SOBER.
    Drunken, probably twice before which demonstrates to you I really had no Skill.
  6. We reach the midway point and we are each heading different routes. We get off and keep talking.
    She lights another cigarette. She's heading to France, where she lives. I'm going towards the airport.
  7. She's hosting a party Friday. She asks me if I want her number
  8. Sure! But I don't have my cellphone with me. :-(
    I explain I left it at home.
  9. SHE ASKS for mine.
    She wants my number! Something must be in the stars!!
  10. I tell her my number, she dials it, and shows it to me to check if it's right.
  11. She then calls me.
    "Now you have my number," she says.
  12. Á toute....
  13. I get home, rush to my phone.
    I have a new love interest of course ..
  15. Giphy
  16. Single For Life.