👦🏽Allow me to listroduce myself

Inspired by @rachaelray
  1. I was born Pedro Pablo Álvarez.
    But I go by Pedro Paul.
  2. I speak several languages fluently- mostly Romance languages, pretty conversant in German, my Swiss German needs more practice but I can speak and understand. Literate in Dutch and Scandinavian languages and I can transliterate Slavic languages.
  3. I've traveled enough to say I need to travel more .
  4. My religious views are Abrahamic.
    But that doesn't mean I won't respect yours.
  5. For the first years of my preschool life I didn't know if my name is Pablo, Paulo, or Paolo.
    Everyone I knew pronounced my name differently. To this day I have relatives that pronounce the alternative.
  6. Born and raised in SW Houston, TX
  7. Pumpkin pie was my preferred birthday cake.
    Just imagine Pumpkin Pie at every Chuck E Cheese's.
  8. I wanted to be a hermit when I grew up. Then a painter, a writer, a journalist and now I'm mostly grown up.
    I'm none of those things, but as an introvert, I do go into Hermit mode.
  9. I was a shy kid because I was scared I would sound like a stereotype.
    Like the Mexican chihuahua in All Dogs Go To Heaven or Speedy Gonzalez. I'm not even Mexican but the fear was real.
  10. That said, I didn't fit in with the other Latino kids because I wasn't interested in fútbol and novelas.
    The best Mexican food came from Taco Bell in my book.
  11. I once told a teacher that the lost city of Atlantis was in the bible.
    She pulled me aside and asked me which chapter it was in. And I said...I dunno.
  12. In High School I was the Chief Editor of my School Paper.
    And Yearbook photographer, Drill Team Guard, French Club prez, Honor Society "Paul"-iamentarian. Pretty much an all-arounder with good connections with the Superintendent's office.
  13. I graduated top 10% percent of my 700 student class in '04.
    That's important because I've never been top anything since.
  14. Moved to Switzerland to Study International Communication.
    My dream of becoming a journalist dissipated to being interested in intl' business. Graduated a semester early in Dec. 2007.
  15. Moved to Germany to work for an AD agency.
    Great lessons, bad situations.
  16. Moved back to Switzerland to study a MA in European Business.
    Joined a fraternity. I was awarded a Pre-Master but not a master for failing the same elective twice. I didn't read the rules on electives. I was convinced I could just continue taking electives until I finished my degree. All my master core courses were successfully complete.
  17. Got a job at CERN.
    There's a list on that . Left CERN and immediately after got sick which affected my mobility.
  18. I was afflicted by pain.
    I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by a Rheumatologist, cuboid syndromes, tendinitis and possible rheumatoid since then, but I think I'm still being misdiagnosed.
  19. Pursued an MBA in London/Dubai.
    Finished in 2014.
  20. I focused on my health treatments.
    Which led me through a nasty spiral of trying medications, depression, irritability, anger, more pain. It took me almost a year before I got myself back.
  21. I'm still UN—Em-Ployed.
    As in I can't even get an entry- level position.