European beverages you need to try

When Orangina doesn't cut it anymore
  1. Orxata (Spain)
    If you've had Mexican horchata, Spanish horchata is gold, literally. Legend says the Valencian King said "Aixo es (that's) Or (gold) Xata (girl) to a North African maiden. It's a refreshing, sweetened Tiger Nut milk paired with a Farton, or glazed sweet breadstick.
  2. Almdudler (Austria)
    The national drink of Austria, it tastes like a mixture of ginger ale and elderflower soda, but less fizzy and fruitier.
  3. Rivella (Switzerland)
    Fizzy milk serum. Yup, sounds weird. But I'm a fan & Rivella Grün (w/green tea extract) is the winner in my book.
  4. Gazzossa (Switzerland)
    Consider it a lighter version of Sprite, but sweeter. Available in Lemon or Mandarin. If you ask for Gazzossa in Italy, you will get Sprite.
  5. C-ICE Cannabis Ice Tea ( Switzerland)
    While advertising says it will give you a nice feeling, it's just a delicious ice tea. Available at all train station vending machines.
  6. Schümlipflümli (Switzerland)
    Plum schnapps and coffee with whipped cream. Not my favorite but you just have to try it.
  7. Panache/é (Switzerland)
    A shandy, but it just tastes so good here. Half lager half Sprite. Never get the pre-mixed cans. A German Radler comes close but still not the same.
  8. Merlot con Gazzossa (Southern Swiss)
    Like the Spanish Kalimoche made with Rioja wine and coke, here they use Merlot and that lighter Sprite beverage, served in bowls to drink.
  9. Chinotto (Italy)
    Italian orange flavored coke.
  10. Spezi (Germany)
    1/2 cola and 1/2 orange soda. Coca-Cola even sells its own branded drink called Mezzo Mix.
  11. Apfelschörle ( Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
    1/2 Apple juice, 1/2 fizzy water. Ratios vary between brands or just make it at home.
  12. Apfelwein (Hessen, Germany)
    This is NOT apple cider. This is Apple wine since (recipe are similar but distinctly different in taste). Order Apfelwein mit Sprudel to sound like a local. It's Apple wine with fizzy water.
  13. Mulled wine. (Northen Europe)
    Glögg, Glühwein, Vin Chaud, whatever you call it, it's just *magical* when you get a cup and sip as you stroll through wintery European streets.
  14. Julmust. (Scandinavia)
    A malt beverage, or cola if you will spiced with Christmas flavors that differ from village to village. There's also an Easter version and you can find it at your local IKEA too!
  15. What else should I include ?