After the panel interview I had last week, I was supposed to hear from them by the end of this week. Nothing. I didn't even get a rejection email from them saying I didn't get the job.
  1. It's the second time in 2 years I've applied to the same organization.
    Similar positions, basically same responsibilities.
  2. This time it was for a job in SF.
    They asked me about logistics I.e. Moving there if I got hired and I said I would do pretty much anything to get there. I've traveled the world and moving to a new city has always been a welcomed challenge that I can easily overcome
  3. My 2 years unemployment anniversary ...
    Is only in 21 days from now . I failed in life. Quite honestly. At my age I can't afford my future let alone caring for my parents when they get to the point they will require senior attention.
  4. I'm gainfully unemployed. I have two positions I work pro Bono and both have no prospects for gainful employment. I do them to stay relevant and stay busy.
    But really, job hunting is a full time endeavor and I can't even do that right.
  5. I feel like I should just head to prison now because I can't even pay back my student loans.
    Like seriously, I rather start paying my debt in prison that continuing being unemployed.
  6. The general attitude is not to give up and keep pushing. But 2 years at being constantly defeated gets to you. You just want to give up the "I'm educated and can contribute to society" charade.
    I should really just work in fast food because at last it's an honest job.
  7. I've overheard family members share "defeated" opinions about themselves and at this point I should just accept it as true to me too.
    I once heard someone refer to themselves as a 'dumb indigenous woman among superior people'. Who was I kidding? Getting an MBA was the worst decision ever. I'm just too dumb to get a job. Another family referred himself to dumb, so at least I know it runs in the family.
  8. All my relatives like to say I'm successful and that hurts even more.
    I'm the first to go to college, go to 2 graduate schools, hold US and Swiss diplomas, and get an MBA. I was also the first to travel far and wide. But where am I now?
  9. Yes, I have sought career help.
    I never missed my graduate school career planning meets and I always took their advice. While many skipped the lectures or talked crap about the career counsellors, I tried to absorb their lessons and appreciated their time. They are also really surprised to see me still struggling.
  10. I also gave up my resume template a month ago and paid a consultant.for a rewrite.
    So I am trying new ways.
  11. If I do ever get a job I worry I will do whatever it takes to never be unemployed again, even if it means being unhappy or getting trampled by my superiors.
    Being unemployment messes with your mental health.
  12. I keep thinking I'm like Matthew McConaughey's character in the movie Failure to Launch.
    But I don't even have abs.
  13. [Inserts Sad, self- deprecating face]
  14. I really needed to List it out. I had so many emotions building up today and I didn't know how to vent like a normal person.