If you have 41 mins, Watch This

I had this documentary on my list for a while now and finally decided to see it.
  1. The White Helmets
  2. It's on Netflix
  3. It's based on
  4. The Syrian Civil Defense
    A volunteer group responsible for saving thousands of lives, regardless of religion, sides, young or old.
  5. 'Person of the Week'
    ABC World News Tonight & David Muir honored the group as 'Person of the Week'. @ABCNews
  6. Nobel Peace Prize Contenders
  7. Humanity despite this:
  8. Texas Gov. Greg Abbot
    And on the behalf of the state will no longer accept refugees. (His personal twitter account).
  9. Official Governor Tweet
    As a Texan, this is embarrassing.
  10. If you have Twitter
  11. You can follow the White Helmets @syriacivildef
  12. And Follow @995khaled
    He's a White Helmet Photographer responsible for sharing to the hour photos.
  13. "To save a life is to save all of humanity"
    The group's motto.
  14. Which is also similar to a line in the Qur'an (5:32).
  15. Stay Woke Y'all!