My McNugget has a tumour

  1. I wanted to eat nostalgia today
  2. Like McNuggets
  3. Also because I needed my fill of Iced Tea
  4. 4 seemed like a good cheat number
    And McDonald's has the right food to betray my senses
  5. Tangy BBQ Sauce
    High Fructose Corn Syrup. - The good old days-
  6. But the very first nugget had an ailment
  7. Here's a different angle
    Is it a baby chick's eye? No, it's a tumour.
  8. For a second
  9. I thought about how they are made
  10. If I'm cheating, I might as well finish right?
  11. I ate the rest of the McNuggets
    The rest were fluffy, white yumminess
  12. I got free McD's wifi
    And here I am hating on them, tsk tsk
  13. Bonus: Halloween McNugget