My Middle School Bully is in Prison.

I'm wide eyed at the thought that no one believed me before, but also slightly concerned about the case.
  1. My bully was a SHE.
    People often assume the bully is same sex as the victim, but not in my case.
  2. She has a 50 year sentence that started in 2006.
  3. Back in Middle School she towered over me at 5'8. I'm now 6ft.
    She also had a big build that scared me and gave her the advantage to hurt me.
  4. I don't remember how or why she started bullying me.
  5. When it started no one considered it bullying.
  6. In fact, Teachers often laughed when I brought it up to their attention.
    Mind you most of my teachers were female too.
  7. Teachers labeled it as "young love" between us.
    And usually they would just say "make up guys" instead of taking my complaints seriously. I tried changing locker location, changing seating and even home room to avoid her. I wanted 0 problems with her.
  8. Ceyma would strike me right on the middle of my back and leave me begging for mercy.
  9. Most of the time she was the butt of jokes from other students. I can't think of a single person bullying her, but I think she felt it was a 'her against the world thing. '
    She did have a few friends but they were usually also constantly in trouble with teachers.
  10. She was half Mexican half Iranian.
    I assume today she had a hard time fitting in with other classmates due to her background, size, and possible lack of family support (?).
  11. Yes, other students thought her 'beating me up' was funny.
  12. I remember always making truces of mutual respect with her, but some asshole would go up to her and say something false just so she would break truce.
    And of course she would start slamming me against the lockers.
  13. I think she liked 'bullying me' because I saw her as a threat vs ignoring her.
  14. Btw, ignoring her never worked. She would hit me and say" Hey, I'm being nice to you!'
  15. She once got hit by a car and in her words " Bounced off" which made everyone in our history class laugh.
    I giggled too and of course she targeted me in the hallways for my lapse in judgement.
  16. She had some issues at home.
    I think I overheard a few discussions about that.
  17. When she failed 8th grade I was happy.
    It meant she wouldn't be following me to high school and I would finally be free.
  18. Two years after I graduated high school I heard she had stabbed her boyfriend.
    My 'close' friends who knew of my difficult middle school existence chuckled that it could have been me.
  19. The full details of her case:
  20. Truth is I remember she once tried stabbing me with scissors for fun during an English class break outside.
    I sucked at catching the football and kept to myself during breaks in order to read my favorite books. That always made me an easy target for her.
  21. What troubles me is the part she specifically used the word 'rape' as a defense and that she had not reported it before because she was afraid the police would not believe her.
  22. I think I believe her when she says police wouldn't believe her because A) she had trouble with law enforcement before and overtime police become desensitized/apathetic and B) her size doesn't equate weak and helpless at all.
  23. I've thought about sending her postcards thought the prison pen pal system.
    I truly do wish her good things
  24. But
  25. I don't want to cross those lines again. She was a character I don't want to get mixed up again.