🐦 My Parrots' head shots.

He's a Blue- fronted Amazon parrot named Willy.
  1. Having a snack during Xmas season.
  2. Riding shot gun to the VET
    That's his travelers cage, and I can't handle him without it.
  3. He's bonded/ imprinted with my mom.
    Only she can handle him. Everyone else gets bitten, even though I'm the one that buys him his food, treats, toys, and takes him to see his doctor.
  4. He likes to be included
    At night time, during his sleeping time, he'll come out of his cage to say Hello.
  5. He likes to fight with his toys
  6. And try to break them.
    I think he thinks he's Hulk.
  7. He knows when you're talking about him.
  8. Yep, we own a miniature dinosaur !!