I wouldn't share so much information on social media, but since this isn't going anywhere, allow me to vent. I applied for an advertising position with the US Army at Fort Hood through USAjobs.gov.
  1. I applied August 16, 2016
  2. I receive a notice, August 29, 2016
    It really didn't say much other than they have received my application and will be reviewing it soon.
  3. Minutes later...
    I qualified, but not enough , so that's a flat out NO.
  4. But then on August 30, 2016
    Apparently I do qualify for the position?
  5. How confused am I?
    Slightly, because I just feel demoralized more than anything.
  6. And then quiet.
    I assumed, like countless others, I just suck at life.
  7. November 01, 2016
    I received a phone call to schedule an interview for Nov. 08, 2016 at 10:15 am.
  8. I expected an email confirmation shortly after, but nothing.
  9. So I called back the next day to confirm the appointment and make sure there wasn't an email lost in the webz.
  10. And it got weirder.
  11. This is the gist of the phone call:
    She: Sorry, you're top ten, but not top 5. If I don't find someone in the top 5, then I will give you a date to interview you. Me: so my interview for Nov. 8 is a back-up interview? She: what's your name again? Sorry, I mistook you for someone else who's been bothering me all week. Sorry, yes YOU are confirmed.
  12. Nov. 08, 2016
    Skype call is dropped. I call her back. And we proceed with the interview over the phone. At one point she cuts me off and says I need to be shorter with my responses. That had never happened to me but I adapt and she compliments the change. Everything seemingly goes well.
  13. I asked her how I can help her with the current activities.
    It's a question I've been told is legit from career coaches, HR consultants, the like.
  14. She responds:
    Actually I don't know if you can.
  15. That's not an answer I expected.
  16. She continues...
    We're impressed with your background (I hate that line) and we see you had a 1 year rule in Advertising ( in Germany).You were ranked highly for that, but we wished you had more sales experience.
  17. My resume is quite clear, folks.
  18. So before we say our goodbyes I tell her this (this is the gist):
    I do not have many years in sales, but I have many years of success in relationship management. My business is to sell you the trust , reputation and brand of the organization I represent. I am also taking several courses in the Project Management domain to further bridge my experience with the tools required to make successful sales.
  19. Thank yous and goodbyes
    I will know by tomorrow. I feel confident it's a no go.
  20. I need a job- badly, and I would work as a waiter or custodian just to have purpose.
    Remember that conversation @GavMaLav ?
  21. I should never have moved back to the USA.
  22. Sometimes Trump's message about new jobs appeals to me.
  23. But this country deserves decorum and respect to all of its citizens.
  24. And now you know who I voted for last week.