Netflix's first French 🇫🇷🇪🇺 original series.
  1. Does every actor know how to inhale cocaine ?
    Is there like a week dedicated to drugs during acting school?
  2. Of course, La Marsellaise for a séries called Marseille.
    Very appropriate.
  3. Is that Raï mixed with Chanson?
  4. Another soccer series. Club de Cuervos 📺⚽️ was a funny Netflix original.
  5. Gerard Depardieu has really left himself go- like Really.left.himself.go.
  6. Foreshadowing!!! "It's ok as long as he doesn't bite" and then " I didn't say I was going to share..."
    There will be tension!
  7. Proof guns don't protect people when they need it.
  8. "Footballe" ?
    Who says that?
  9. Is that a ring tone or a kid's toy space gun.
  10. That's a swanky city council.
    Ours is ghetto.
  11. Someone doesn't mind his sexist speech much.
    Seriously, he would be hated on all social media.
  12. Are the Marseille banlieus like Chicago or Detroit?
    Anyone seen La Haine?
  13. I need to afford an apartment near the Marseille Marina.
    Obviously I'm missing out.
  14. France needs a "NO" public service announcement to teach guys limits.
    It's been 5 years? How do you think you can get back to that after 5 years ?
  15. Man, I want to work in this new marina complex.
    Where do I apply?
  16. Is Lucas Barrès the good guy or the bad guy?
  17. I used to drive a Renault.
  18. Doing "le scooter" makes more money than me.
  19. He's the good guy. He's going to help the Rodriguez's.
  20. A murder case!
    I bet you this will tarnish Robert Taro's reputation.
  21. Never mind, he's a Bond villain.
    Also, is that mask of Depardieu's face ?
  22. Yep, he's the bad guy. And she's there.
    The wolf or lamb? More than what ppl expect him to be of course
  23. Someone please change that ringtone ! It's a smart phone he's using!
  24. Mystery disease or just chronic pain?
    Is he like Lucious Lyons?
  25. Barrès is behind this.
  26. Tant pis, hahaha
  27. Can American mayors turn on a siren too?
  28. Et Tu Brute!!!!!!!!!!!!! He did bite back, after 20 years.
    Mais pourquoi ???
  29. I really need to visit Marseille. Is that really the cathedral?
  30. Ok, it's on! Why were there so many negative reviews? !! Do I have bad taste ? Is it my Netflix genes?