Inspired by @aus10
  1. Milan Malpensa (2005)
    When my mom was flying out of Milan, I tried to figure out which terminal she was flying out but there was no information on the screens and there was no help desk. I make the decision to go to the next terminal when I pop my head 1 more time to find help when Carabineri pull me aside and take me to an interrogation room. My beard made me suspicious apparently. My mom was upset because she thought I disappeared on her on purpose.
  2. Morrocco (2005)
    Flies. Flies everywhere. Flies! Even flies on the plane.
  3. Moscow (2006)
    There was no English on our custom forms. I'm pretty sure I put down I was female. Our luggage were opened and everyone had pieces of clothing scattered on the belt. On further inspection, my Ukranian souvenirs are missing.
  4. Atlanta (2006)
    I accidentally washed my passport and had to get a new one from the embassy in Bern, Switzerland. On arrival I jot down on the declaration form that my passport is issued by [US Dept( US Embassy Bern)]. US customs officer hands it back & tells me the US issued it. I agree and walk forward when he grabs my hand and says, "No, Germany didn't give it to you, the US issued it, ok?" I nodded angrily, feeling he overstepped his boundary by grabbing me.
  5. Tokyo (2007) Part 1
    Our flight is delayed for technical issues. We are issued food coupons but the only restaurant in the terminal is McDonalds. We are told the delay is 1 hr. Then 2. Ultimately 4 hours.
  6. Paris (2007) Part 2
    We arrive in Paris at night and obviously we miss our flight. So we are booked rooms, but we have to be back in the airport by 5 am for our flight. We have 4 hours of sleep. We arrive at 5 am and our flight is delayed. It's a planned Crew strike day. We are rebooked every hour and then cancelled every hour. Another airline out of network will fly us to Bergamo, Italy instead of Malpensa. We leave around 5pm.
  7. Bergamo, Italy (2007) Part 3
    We arrive, but our luggage hasn't. When we do get our luggage back- 3 days after, Half of us have items stolen from our bags.
  8. Managua (2008)
    At the lounge. Bartenders avoid me because they rather serve "Anglo" customers since they have the "money." Even though I arrived before the Anglo Americans and I just wanted a Gatorade, they tell me "un segundito" and bend over backwards for the tourist. I assume I look too much like a Nicaraguan and so not a priority.
  9. Houston (Home Airport) (2008)
    Coming home from Europe one time I get stopped at luggage claim 3 times by TSA agents, each within 30 secs of each other. Each of them ask me where I'm coming from and where I'm going. 2nd agent asks me to speak German to see how fluent I am. Then asks me how I can afford to live abroad. By the 3rd time I get stopped, I ask the agent if it was a prank to which he responds if I see him joking. The other 2 are nearby watching.
  10. Cairo (2014) overnight + 1 day with my mom
    My airline tells me that we would have to recheck our luggage because it is an overnight layover. Our carry on bags are checked too since we are promised we would get it back. On arrival, airport decides to check all of our luggage through, including the bag with my mom's diabetic medicine and my camera. When I try to ask to get our carry-on bags, I'm pulled away for 2 hours in order to resolve the issue, with my mother having no clue what's happening. They gave us all the bags.
  11. Detroit (2014)
    I had a 50 min connection to make upon arrival to get to my Houston Flight. I planned to get a snack only when I arrived to my gate to not waste time. I had a limp and I limped to my gate. When I arrive, my flight was gone. Airline agent asks me what I did between my arrival gate and my departure gate. I walked as fast as I could. He says that's not possible because he takes the same route in 15 minutes.
  12. Qatar (2014)
    Qatar airport is one of the coolest and nicest airports I've seen. But my annoyance came from pre-boarding security. That means you go through it twice, once at the terminal and again at your gate. I wear a medical ankle brace and a compression sleeve for my leg. The guard wanted no explanations and had me sit on the ground before boarding the plane to take it off. He wasn't finished with me until I show him my bare foot. I was in the 1st group to board but had to wait until the end.