1. Jelly
    I was the Jelly to my PB, a high school friend who I've kept in touch all these years.
  2. Taco
    The nickname 3 of my friends gave each other for our group we formed in college, named" Rock the Taco". We were each Taco.
  3. Brown Bear
    Private nickname a Taco gave to me after watching Scrubs.
  4. Sugaplum
    Name given to me by a fellow Southerner and good friend from college.
  5. Tasty pronounced : tas-tee
    Drunk group of girls ordering a Big&Tasty off of McDonald's menu in an Italian accent in Switzerland, then deciding I was Tasty.
  6. Poppy
    Another nickname from college. I was the head Orientation Leader and my group of OLs decided to call me Poppy, as in Pops, not Papi.
  7. Lobisomem
    My capoeira name (Werewolf). My mestre babptized me with this name, indicative of my features.
  8. Texx
    My fraternity used nicknames for each member. The guys really went all out to figure this one out ;-) When I would meet someone knew I would say, "hallo, Ich bin Texx, weil ich aus Texas komme". It's part of my Fraternity signature.