Reason I often eat at Fast Foods for lunch

  1. Before I list my reason just know this:
    Yes, it enables me to eat at unhealthy places. Yes, I can make it at home at a fraction of the cost. Yes, I'm that kind of lazy. And yes, sometimes it's bad, but most often it's just the way it's suppose to be.
  2. And here's the ONE reason I go out for lunch :
  3. Drum rolls
  4. Tea. Iced Tea. Pronounced Ice Tea.
    Sometimes 100 % unsweetened tea, other times a ratio of 75:25 mix, 50:50 or Arnold Palmer style. Some places even have unsweet Mango or unsweet raspberry tea. The combinations are endless!
  5. I know Americans consume most of their calories through their drinks, but that's why I mostly drink unsweetened. 😈
  6. And only at Fast Food restaurants can I get unlimited tea.
    If I brewed at home, which I do every night, it takes a while. It's such a long process, and I can't wait!! I want chilled, gallons of tea at my disposal.
  7. What about store bought gallons of unsweet tea?
    Yes, that's a good point, and I'll get back to you at a later time.