Reasons why Whataburger and the Whataburger brand is better than In-N-Out

Sorry @Bourdain , Californians out there, but In-N-Out doesn't cut it for my Texan belly.
  1. It got started in 1950 in the quaint city of Corpus Christi on the Texas Gulf Coast.
  2. The burger is meant to be eaten with two hands, not one.
    See how one hand is barely enough? And I have big, man hands. The good thing about Whataburger is that it's built solidly, so nothing oozes or falls out.
  3. This was my order
    But I ate it before I could take a picture. So here's a profesional photo from their website.
  4. The Texas Legislature officially recognized Whataburger as a designated ‘Texas Treasure' in 2001.
  5. There's a Whataburger University.
  6. It's part of TV history.
  7. It's Texan to the roots.
  8. You can get their sauces at H-E-B supermarkets.
    H-E-B deserves its own list. Also, I should get paid for this .
  9. Plus, Whatafries at H-E-B.
    Are my thumbs ugly?
  10. The cookies!
    When I was a kid, I would get a free cookie and milk coupon from the Dairy stand at the Houston Rodeo.
  11. Breakfast Taquitos.
    I think these are called burritos in other states because they are so big and delicious.
  12. The Fancy Ketchup at H-E-B.
  13. What other burger chain has the ultimate Root Beer Frozen treat?
  14. It's always made fresh to order
  15. T.Rex is so cute.
  16. Remember your Ice(d)Tea to Sweet Tea ratios
  17. To be fair...
    Animal fries was a mistake I would not repeat. It's just onions and BigMac sauce. That said I didn't know what to think of my first burger. The second time around I think I liked it. It's cute, and good. In a mustard-free way.
  18. No Joke. Mustard- free?
    The 2nd and last time I was there, while I was waiting for my order, a gentleman asked for mustard on his burgers. Since they didn't even have mustard packs, he left pretty "damn" angry.
  19. Their twitter account is cheeky.
  20. Riiight?
  21. Cheeky!
  22. Remember In-N-Out fans....