Take a tour with me through SuperBowl LI Live

The big game is days away but you can join in on the fun at SBLive at downtown Houston's Discovery Green park. This year's theme: Houston, City of the Future. Here's what you can expect (Trust me I'm a Volunteer).
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    Volunteers are ready to help you!
    Volunteers came from all around the world. We had to apply, go to interviews, & attend training before getting vetted to volunteer. I had a cool Captain and we found time to take a group selfie.
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    Volunteer Team Spirit!
    We're proud of our city and want all attendees to have fun. We're committed to making this undertaking a success. During training we learned about our personalities and how to work as a team. (Thanks to Equilibria.com)
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    Yep, we're a lot.
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    SBLive Grounds
    Taken before opening to the public.
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    Ice Skating in Texas
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    Discovery Green
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    The NFL experience at George R. Brown Convention Center
    Tickets required. I'm not going to spoil the fun inside, but it's worth the visit! The Lombardi Trophy is on display, test your 🏉skills and meet NFL heroes.
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    Welcome Fans!
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    Which one is your home team?
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    Countdown to Super Bowl LI
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    Fox Sports has one of the largest tents on site
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    Live Music at Discovery Green
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    Live Music Schedules
    @ Music Live Stage & Discovery Green Stage
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    Concert LIVE Stage
    This is another lot where artists like ZZTop, Leon Bridges & Solange will take center stage. There's a concert every day starting at noon.
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    Can you kick dead center?
    Ford's Lot
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    Verizon VR Experience
    I was too tired to go in and try it.
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    Take a ride on NASA's SEV
    Located at The Future Flight lot
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    Check out Space suits & Robotics
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    NASA's Mars Rover on display
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    I met an Astronaut !
    4 time Astronaut Brian Duffy. He first flew back in 1986, a year after I was born!
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    Lockheed Martin Mars Experience
    A VR school bus that simulates a trek on Mars. Very inspirational to children (I actually shed a tear).
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    NASA's VR Mars Future Flight
    VR glasses simulate a flight to the red planet as you go up the tower, then land in the middle of NRG's football field on the way down.
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    The VR trip to Mars was fun. The trip back was a scream.
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    The Orion Port
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    James Webb Telescope Model
    The Hubble Telescope Upgrade (Located on a different lot from the NASA lot).
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    The NFL a lo Mexico.
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    Food Trucks, So Many Food Trucks
    Cajun/Asian Fusion, Brazilian, Thai-Tamales- the food was delicious !
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    Houston Live
    A showcase of Houston's Food, Medical, & Renewable Future
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    Houston is the Food Capital of the Souf
    Free BBQ Rubs for Game Day
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    GE's Super Smoker
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    Free BBQ straight from the Super Smoker
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    Local Micro Brews FTW
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    The City of the Future
    STEM was a strong focus at SuperBowl Live. Many exhibitions used VR technology to simulate different experiences.
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    Houston is home to the largest Medical Center in the 🌎
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    With plans for Expansion
    TMC3 will be a translational research facility.
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    Tinguely has a Texas Counterpart
    Many artists contributed to SuperBowl Live. This is 'Robot Chariot', old technology meeting new: an intersection with the Oil&Gas industries.
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    Kids area to play some 🏉🏉🏉
    SBLive is very kid friendly and there are tons of places for them to run and play after they shoot their own tickets at the NASA lot.
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    There's a lot more to check out
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    If you find me at Discovery Green, say howdy!