The DEFINITE guide to using "lighted" or "lit"

  1. The Verb: to light
  2. Lighted: the past participle of the verb: to light
  3. Lit: the past participle of the verb: to light
  4. Examples
  5. A lighted tree
    Where it means that a tree has been illuminated or endowed with lights. As in shining a light on a tree or lights have been placed on a tree.
  6. But not a "pre-lighted tree"
    A "pre-lighted tree" could very well be "off". Pre-Lighted here means endowed with electrical capabilities.
  7. Or
  8. A lit tree
    Where either a tree has been put on fire or if it is such a tree that can be "turned on".
  9. Interestingly enough, I've never seen a "Pre-lit tree"
    Which would mean a tree that is "on" before any lighting takes place.
  10. Both Lighted & lit are used interchangeably by various international English speaking audiences I.e Americans, Brits, and the other guys (the nice neighbors up north, Captain Boomerang's homeland, and even more other guys).
  11. Plus...
  12. Verbs ending in 'ed' are considered weak verbs.
    The ED is like a crutch. Also, ED stands for erectile dysfunction.
  13. Verbs that require a vowel change are considered strong verbs.
    These verbs aren't scared to change. Consider dived vs dove, dreamed vs dreamt ( dreamt has an invisible vowel change, trust me, I'm a Lister)
  14. Consider functions ...
  15. Can a lamp be lighted or lit? A cigarette? A match? A person?
  16. So which one should you use?
  17. I'm no Grammar enthusiast and I've been told I can't write. But I would suggest you only use
  18. Lit
  19. Because I despise saying "lie-Ted"
  20. And that makes it definite enough.