Inspired by @jhope71
  1. Setting; Lugano, Switzerland
    The 'Blues to Bop' Festival in Lugano was conveniently scheduled during the first week of class, right after orientation.
  2. The age limit for drinking beer & wine is 16.
    I was 18 and legally I could drink hard alcohol.
  3. But I never got further past a buzz.
  4. Until
  5. September 03, 2004
    Officially 2 weeks after Orientation.
  6. There was a party across my dorm
  7. The theme was "Pimps-N-Hoes"
  8. It was my first themed party
  9. I went in as a Pimp-
  10. I started drinking slow- mostly wine and liquor because I wasn't a fan of beer
  11. The host made a huge bowl of Jello
    Laced with vodka
  12. But no one was eating it because who takes shots from a bowl ?
  13. So I started eating it
    And it was delicious. Like, I couldn't even taste the alcohol. And I was hungry. It made no sense to me why no one would eat a bowl of jello.
  14. And then I admitted to folks at the party that my birthdate was also September 03
  15. And that messed me up.
  16. I was walked back to my building, but the girls didn't know what floor I lived in and in which number
  17. Because I only spoke French, German, Italian
  18. For my first year in college, I was the guy that stopped speaking English when he was drunk.
  19. Eventually several speakers of French, German, and Italian figured out my floor and room number and tucked me in bed.
  20. Sept 04, 2004
    My first hangover
  21. I bought several bottles of Sprite
    But the taste reminded me of cheap sparkling wine
  22. I also bought several bottles of Orange soda
    And those reminded me of Jaegermeister
  23. I also learned about foreign transaction fees
    It was nearly 4 dollars per transaction, no matter the price. So If I bought a load of groceries or just a bottle of Gatorade with my card, it was $4 each time.
  24. My hangover was very expensive
    More than the actual drinking
  25. It was the first of many drinking adventures
  26. -Fin-