What I binged on Netflix this week

Sept.4.2016 - Sept.10.2016 Not that I have a lot of time, but streaming Netflix replaces my tv time.
  1. Freshmeat (BBC)
    This was my guilty pleasure. It's the story of first year college students as they meander through their trashy, quirky, funny and sometimes very plausible social challenges. Reminded me of my uni days.
  2. Fearless
    Documentary following PBR and what it takes for 4 Brazilians to become World Champions. If you like Sports, Rodeos, and dreaming of the old West, you will enjoy this.
  3. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell (BBC)
    Magic & Faeries and the dangers they bring. Two men are destined to bring magic back to England but their different spell styles make them butt heads.
  4. Chef's Table: France
    I'm a big fan of food documentaries, including the original Chef's Table. Unlike the first CT documentary, CT France focuses on French chefs who are also defining modern French cuisine with their unique backgrounds.
  5. Septembers of Shiraz
    An Iranian jeweler and his Jewish family struggle as the Iranian Revolution begins to consume their wealth, trust, friendships, faith, and freedom.