Some ppl just have to live it longer than others
  1. Self-doubt all your accomplishments
    What if my MBA was just a fluke?
  2. What if I end up like the guy on tv who lives under the bridge and speaks 7 languages ?
    I only speak 5. So that makes me less special than that guy.
  3. The questions.
    Yes, I'm looking. No, I'm not being picky. Yes, I probably need to go on Dr. Phil.
  4. Waking up looking forward to another day of informational interviewing and searching on LinkedIn.
  5. Internships require college enrollment.
    But I already graduated ???
  6. Entry-level positions.
    That require 7+ years in a similar role.
  7. Student loan phone calls.
    Why can't I make a payment? Because I'm still unemployed.
  8. Graduate school career counsellors.
    Have you checked our online resources? -Yes, every day.
  9. The comments from family.
    That job wasn't meant for you. Another door will open for you.
  10. Working sandwich shop jobs.
    Manager: one day after many years of mopping the floor and making kebabs you will get to be in my place. Me: Success, now ehy the fuck did I get an MBA.
  11. You worked at CERN? THE CERN?
    Yes, now look at me now.
  12. Do some pro-Bono work.
    Sorry, we can't hire you but can you continue doing free stuff for us ?
  13. I graduated in 2014.
  14. Maybe You should look into moving elsewhere
    Job application: Local candidates preferred.
  15. Sending my resume to a US org.
    Response: You need to be a citizen - I fucking am. It says so on on top.
  16. You need to to apply to local companies, not the top 10 employers.
    I have.
  17. You're too focused on the negative. That's stressing you out - Mom
    I think I've done a good job of keeping calm and not freaking out at the fact that I have 3 degrees under my belt, lived in 5 countries, have stellar recommendations and still cannot afford to survive on my own.
  18. Maybe you should shave your beard?
    It's not a hipster beard. It's trimmed like a 5 o'clock shadow and what does that have to do with my applications?
  19. Don't give up!
    -I'm standing. That's proof I haven't given up ain't it?
  20. You should go out with your friends more and have fun!
    - how do I pay for a beer when I'm looking for a job?