1. The American Dream, Emirati Vision
    The feeling that you can pursue and attain whatever you want, But in Dubai
  2. The buffets
    Brunch, mezzes, dinners: all you can eat/ drink 4⭐️ quality with 5 ⭐️quality views
  3. The Views
    The desert and sky views of the coastline are breathtaking
  4. Architecture
    Modern arabesque design
  5. The people
    A marketplace of ideas that meets West, East and everything in between. Plus lots of religious tolerance that would put many countries to shame.
  6. The spices, scents, colours
    Sure, you find that in other countries, but can you transition back and forth to modern living in the same day?
  7. Fashion
    People watching is like going to a fashion show
  8. Expat reach
    All the amenities of your home country are within reach
  9. Emiratis
    You have to give them credit. They represent only 11% of the total population. Good hosts is an understatement.
  10. The proximity
    Yeah, it can be quite the distance, but you're also less than an hour flight to Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and India is only 4 hours.