Because I just can't
  1. Amerikaner
    Comes out in a very American accent
  2. Ausschliesslich
    Exclusively. I need to prepare a few hours before I plan on using it in a sentence to say it right
  3. Eichhörnchen
    Squirrel. Eichtier would have been a better word. It makes me smile German speakers have the same trouble pronouncing the English word.
  4. Fürst
    Duke. Yep, it does come up in conversation
  5. Burg
    It takes a few tries before I can say it. I sound like a European trying to say hamburger.
  6. Kericht
    Trash. Ok, it's outdated but it's still used in Switzerland.
  7. Rührei
    It's written with a ü, but it sounds like ee.
  8. Streichholzschächtelchen
    Little Matchboxes. I prefer to say Feuer.
  9. Chur, Chindgsi, Chäs, CH-
    Ok, it's Swiss German, but at least I can say Chuchichaestli just fine
  10. Röhren
    To bellow. Impossible for me .